10 Best Tips to Look Good with Minimal Effort

10 Best Tips to Look Good with Minimal Effort

After the crazy year we just had, it's hard to imagine having or spending huge amounts of time getting ready to step back out into the world every day. Is contouring and winged eyeliner even still a thing? After all, soft pants and cozy, oversized shirts seem to be here to stay. And we sure aren't complaining. So how do we look our best with minimal effort? Is it even possible?  Here are 10 of our best tips:

1. When in Doubt, Wear Black

Wearing black is always a chic decision. Whether you slip on a black elongated cardigan over your go-to T-shirt and jeans, or you pair your favorite button-down with a black faux leather skirt, you can put a look together in a matter of minutes that will look like you hired a stylist. Add a partial tuck, and you can get away with eating your breakfast on the way into work.

2. Keep a Pair of Sunglasses Handy

If you had a bad night or you just didn't have (or want to take) the time to worry about eye makeup, have no fear. The right pair of sunglasses and a messy bun are a perfectly put-together look with minimal effort. According to Vogue, "Sunglasses might be a small accessory, but they have a large impact. A great pair can elevate your outfit and your style, but the best sunglasses for women can boost your mood too."

3. Apply Lipstick

Maybe the thought of a full face of makeup is overwhelming, we get it. And honestly, you don't have to wear makeup if you don't want to. But if you're looking for a quick win, wearing the right shade of a good lipstick is a powerful way to take your game to the next level. Add a matte shade of your favorite red lipstick and your look is instantly amplified. Better still, you can keep a tube of the good stuff in your purse or bag and apply it during your commute (as long as you aren't driving!) 

4. Wear Good Shoes

Especially on days (weeks? months?) when we just don't care, it's easy to reach for our stand-by slip-ons. But those are the times when a good pair of trendy shoes can actually save the day. According to Marie Claire, "It’s presumably safe to say the percentage of high heel-wearing has dropped this year (stilettos in your apartment office feel a tad off-kilter)." But also, according to Marie Claire, "Every good outfit begins with a great pair of shoes." So, what if, on those days when comfort is the name of the game you raise the bar with a great pair of trendy shoes? Kick off the slip-ons and wear your greatest pair of shoes for an instant outfit boost.

5. Pair Your Comfiest Shirt with a Skirt

Have a favorite T-shirt or sweater? Wear it with a suede skirt or a button-down skirt. Even just wearing a skirt looks like we put in more effort on our outfit than if we're wearing sweatpants or our go-to leggings. And we still get to enjoy all the benefits of wearing our favorite graphic tee.

6. Throw on a Blazer

Whether you're wearing dress pants or your favorite black leggings, a blazer will always take your look up a notch.  According to InStyle, "It's possible that there's nothing as versatile or easy to wear as a good ol' classic blazer. In fact, it's hard to think of an outfit that wouldn't work with a sleek, structured navy jacket, or benefit from a splash of color provided by a printed option. A blazer can easily elevate a pair of leggings, but at the same time, seamlessly layer over a gown at a fancy event."  

7. Wear a Simple T-shirt Dress

Something about wearing a dress just looks like we spent more time getting ready than is logically required to put a dress over our head. So if you want to look good with minimal effort, simply opt for an ultra-soft and comfy dress that has all the look of effort and all the feel of ease. If we've learned anything in the world of fashion during the past year, it's that comfort and class can co-exist. Have a couple comfy dresses on standby that you can reach for in a pinch. Pair the dress with a cute pair of shoes, and you're good to go.

8. Utilize Accessories

Spending two minutes adding an accessory to your outfit, from a simple, gold chain to a dynamic piece of costume jewelry, can tie the entire look together and make you feel like a million bucks. Better still, it sends the message that you spent the extra time on your look. From tying your ponytail back with a colorful, patterned scarf, to adding some quality, simple jewelry, you can add some edge and a touch of chic to your overall look. 

9. Clean Your Skin

Nothing is as beautiful as the skin you're in. If you don't have time, energy, or desire to wear a bunch of makeup, no problem. But one foolproof way to look good with minimal effort is to clean your face. Make sure you remove any old makeup before you go to bed, and start by cleaning your skin in the morning. Nothing is more valuable than what you already have! Natural is beautiful! The only thing you really need to add to your skin is confidence! 

10. Add a Hat

Are you having a bad hair day, or having a hectic morning with not time to brush or style your hair? Distract everyone with a cute hat. Clean hair and the right hat are a great look that requires very little time or effort. Elegant Fashion for Your Wardrobe Want more inspiration? We'd love to help you find your next favorite outfit from Nell and Rose. No matter what you're looking for—jewelry, dresses, tops, or outerwear—we have pieces that are so comfortable, you'll almost forget they're not lounge wear. Our mission is to inspire women to find comfort and confidence in simplicity.
May 11, 2021 by Jake Janoski
10 Style Secrets to Look Put Together

10 Style Secrets to Look Put Together

While dressing your best can certainly make a good impression on people—and it does! —investing time and energy into your style is ultimately investing in yourself. Nobody benefits more from you looking and feeling your best than you do. Because your clothes can have a direct impact on your mood, confidence, and performance, it's absolutely worth your time to learn the simple but powerful style secrets that can have a deep impact on your daily life. Bottom line: You are worth it.  Here are 10 style secrets to look put together. (Hint: Every one of them is attainable no matter your budget!) 

1. Find your colors

While you can always wear whatever colors you want, learning which colors best flatter your unique skin tone and hair color can go a long way in making you look confident, radiant, and in charge. Also, learning which colors flatter you most can free you to simplify your wardrobe and build a killer collection that is easier to maintain and fun to wear. Not sure how to find your colors? Start here.



Nell and Rose

2. Invest in quality over quantity

While it's always fun to find a good deal when hunting for new clothes, it's important to remember that quality matters more than quantity. Instead of building a huge collection of cheap neutral shirts, for example, why not invest in one or two pieces that are made of the best materials and quality workmanship? Not only do higher-quality fabrics last longer (resulting in less shopping and more saving!), but they look better and feel better on the body. One great piece of advice: "Investing in a handful of quality pieces, like blazers, shoes, and sweaters, can help you look put together every day with little effort."


3. Keep it simple

Simple silhouettes are stunning. By focusing on a carefully curated collection of well-made, well-designed clothes—as opposed to buying anything and everything on sale—it is actually easier to look put together. If you want to simplify your collection, start by weeding out what doesn't fit well, what doesn't look good, and what you don't love. You might be surprised how many pieces you're able to donate or give away based on these criteria alone. If you don't love it and it doesn't make you look or feel great, why keep it? Need some extra motivation? —After purging your closet, give your extra clothes to a women's shelter or non-profit such as Dress for Success where your items will be deeply appreciated and put to great use.

clothing donations

4. Focus on fit

Flattering fits are—hands down—one of the best ways to look put together. Nothing else about your outfit matters if it doesn't fit. And keep in mind, just because it buttons, zips, or ties doesn't mean it actually fits. Watch for the telltale signs of improper fit. Does it hang right? Does it hit right? Do you find yourself constantly tugging or adjusting the way you sit? One quick piece of advice—When you're shopping, ignore the size on the tag. While this may feel counterintuitive, we all know size varies from brand to brand and store to store. So, focusing on fit requires us to look at each piece individually. Model and fashion designer Candice Huffine offers some good advice—  "Some people have tag phobia: They don't want to buy a bigger size because of the number on the label. If you care about that, cut the tags out when you get home!" If you love a piece that doesn't quite fit right, go the extra mile and get it tailored. The right fit is everything.


5. Choose comfort

Sometimes we make the mistake of assuming that "looking put together" is the same as wearing clothes that are stiff or uncomfortable. But nothing could be further from the truth. Not only will the right clothes make you look great; they'll make you feel great. Also, if the clothes that look the best are the ones that also feel the best, we'll naturally gravitate to them instead of shoving them to the back of the closet in lieu of the "comfy sweater." Important to note comfortable is not the same as sloppy. (Hello, cashmere!) There are tons of beautiful, stylish options out there that are 100% comfortable without being the slightest bit sloppy. Make it your personal mission to find and own them.


6. Pay attention to details

Clothes that are in good condition (i.e., no holes or missing buttons), are ironed, and are free of pet hair and lint are the holy grail of looking put together. When scrolling a style blog or flipping the pages of a magazine, notice how often the devil is in the details of your favorite outfit. Whether it's a slight half-tuck of a simple white button-down shirt, or you notice the simple roll of a sleeve, these tiny extra details can make a huge impact on the overall outfit.


7. Prioritize nail and skin care

Clean, healthy skin and nails are the best accessory to a well-edited outfit. Your makeup and skincare routine don't need to be complicated—they just need to be considered. At the very least, skin and nails shouldn't distract. As one digital lifestyle brand put it, "Trimmed nails and soft cuticles give the illusion that everything else you're wearing is expensive and important."

nail and skin care

8. Accessorize carefully

The good news about accessories is they can make a simple outfit look luxe. The bad news about accessories is they can make a luxe outfit look cheap. Popular American fashion designer Michael Kors says, "Accessories are the exclamation mark of a man or woman's outfit." Not sure where to start? Invest in a few iconic, stylish necklaces or earring sets that are versatile.


9. Remember: Shoes matter

Shoes are easy to overlook when planning an outfit, but shoes have the incredible power to pull an entire outfit together. Cute wedges vs. cheap flipflops change the entire look of an outfit. Try this little experiment: over the next week, any time you notice someone who looks really put together, pay attention to what shoes they are wearing. You might be surprised how often the outfit you love is actually the result of the right shoes.


10. Be confident!

Always, always, always choose to wear clothes that make you look and feel great. Compromising your comfort actually ends up compromising your confidence. And confidence is priceless! The good news? Confidence fits any budget and comes in all sizes. Whether you're just starting out on your style journey or whether you already have a well-stocked closet, confidence can be yours. And it'll always look great on you!
April 28, 2021 by Jake Janoski
5 Cute & Casual Dresses for Women

5 Cute & Casual Dresses for Women

Some of the best casual dresses that are available from Nell and Rose today include:


1. The Briar Sweater Dress

Without a doubt, you should take a look at the Briar Sweater Dress. The Briar Sweater Dress comes in a wide variety of sizes and features a puff sleeve dress and brown, ensuring that it is comfortable. It is not too heavy on your body, ensuring that you will not get tired or overheated as you wear it throughout the day. The measurements include a 34-inch length and a 38-inch bust. Made from some of the top materials available, the Briar Sweater Dress has been perfectly designed to stand up to routine use. If you are looking for something comfortable that you can wear around town, then consider going with the Briar Sweater Dress!


2. The Beatrix Dress

If you are looking for something that is just a little bit fancier, then you may want to go with the Beatrix Dress. The Beatrix Dress is a textured baby doll that features 3/4 sleeves. The texture provides it with a little bit more ornamentation, making it perfect if you have a nice event coming up. Furthermore, the dress also features keyhole detail on the back. Made out of 100 percent polyester, it is one of the most comfortable dresses available. Available in a wide variety of sizes, the length is 36 inches, and the bust is 38 inches. This is a beautiful piece that will pair well with a wide variety of shoes and accessories.


3. The Monica Corduroy Jumper in Camel

If you are looking for fun earth tones, you should also take a close look at the Monica Corduroy Jumper in Camel. The Monica Corduroy Jumper in Camel is a unique piece that has been inspired by overalls. Featuring beautiful suspenders and adjustable straps, it also has comfortable pockets that will allow you to store your items with ease. Made from 100 percent polyester, this piece is smooth and stylish. In addition, it is a versatile top that will pair well with just about anything else. Additionally, this is available in numerous sizes, allowing you to tailor it to meet your needs. It is comfortable, flexible, and will not restrict you in any way.


Monica Corduroy Jumper in Camel

4. The Adren Dress

If you are looking for a beautiful dress that you can wear just about anywhere, then you should consider the Adren Dress. The Adren Dress is a frill tiered dress in the back. It also features adjustable straps, allowing you to adjust it to meet your needs. It also has an elastic around the bust and waist to accentuate your most beautiful features. One of the lightest dresses available, it features woven fabric. It is made from a mixture of polyester, nylon, and rayon, making it incredibly durable. This gorgeous top is going to draw the eye of everyone in the room. Consider wearing the Adren Dress from Nell and Rose to your next event.


5. The Rory Denim Jumper

Finally, if you are looking for something that is truly unique, then look no further than the Rory Denim Jumper. The Rory Denim Jumper is a button-down denim dress that will let everyone know that you care about your own unique style. It also features numerous side and back pockets for convenient storage. It crosses in the back and has been made from 100 percent cotton. This is one of the most durable dresses around and will go well with countless tops and shoes. Think about working the Rory Denim Jumper into your stylish personal wardrobe at home!


Consider These Dresses from Nell and Rose!

These are just a few of the many dresses that are available for women from Nell and Rose. Of course, Nell and Rose also has plenty of other clothing items that aren't dresses. Therefore, no matter whether you are looking for accessories, dresses, or something else entirely, be sure to take a few minutes to look through everything Nell and Rose has to offer. Even though styles can change from time to time, there is a good chance that the perfect item is waiting for you at Nell and Rose!
March 03, 2021 by Jake Janoski
Back to the Basics | Nell + Rose

Back to the Basics | Nell + Rose

Creating the perfect wardrobe is a lot of work for women, which is why it's important to find women's basics that you can rely on to make your outfits great. From joggers to comfortable sweatshirts and more clothing basics, there are tons of ways you can take your style to the next level without sacrificing style or spending a bunch of money. The problem is, it's not always easy to find all the little pieces you need to make your outfit come together perfectly. Fortunately, there are a handful of staples you can count on to keep you feeling comfortable and looking stylish no matter where you go.

Ellie Joggers

Joggers are one of the best pieces to an outfit if you're looking for comfortable clothes that don't take you down a notch in terms of style. These Ellie Joggers combine a mixture of different fabrics to deliver the most comfortable feel and the best fit, and that comfort is evident in every part of the design. From the elastic waist to the side pockets, there are tons of great features that make the Ellie Joggers an excellent comfort option. You can even pick up a matching hoodie to complete your outfit.

Ellie Sweatshirt

A good sweatshirt is a great thing to have, especially if you care about the way you look. Sweatshirts vary a lot in terms of the way they fit and the way they look on a person. The Ellie Sweatshirt is a stylish option that's designed to be a perfect match for the Ellie Joggers, which means it's also built for comfort. The stylish, relaxed fit of this sweater makes it great for lounging around and enjoying all sorts of weather, and the fine details really help bring your outfit together.

Freya Tie Dye Joggers

Just because joggers are a staple item in your wardrobe doesn't mean they have to be boring. There are a lot of plain joggers in neutrals and other boring colors out there, but the Freya Tie Dye Joggers give you a more stylish option if you want to make your outfit stand out. These joggers feature a neat tie-dye pattern and all the great features you'd expect from a good pair of joggers, which makes them a must-have for your daily wardrobe.

Freya Tie Dye Sweatshirt

If you want to complement your Freya Tie Dye Joggers, you can do that with the Freya Tie Dye Sweatshirt. This sweatshirt is designed for both comfort and style, which means you don't have to sacrifice a thing to get the look you want to impress people. The pullover design of the Freya Tie Dye Sweatshirt makes it a comfortable fit that's easy to take on and off to transform your outfit, and you can't ask for much more from a sweatshirt.

Sunday Sweatpants

Sundays are for lounging around and relaxing a little bit, and you need a good pair of sweatpants if you want to make the most out of your relaxation time. Sunday Sweatpants are a perfect solution if you don't mind going for a more relaxed look to be a little more comfortable. Even though these sweats are designed for Sunday wear, they still have a stylish look that makes them a great part of any outfit.

Maggie Lounge Set

Sometimes you just want to lie around and be lazy, and that's exactly what the Maggie Lounge Set is for. This outfit is designed for complete comfort, with flared legs and a loose-fitting sweatshirt that make it easy to relax in any environment. Even with all that comfort, this lounge set is still stylish enough that you won't feel like you're doing the bare minimum. The Maggie Lounge Set may not be the top choice for style, but this is an excellent option if you're looking for comfortable clothes.

Sonia Set

Comfortable clothing is the name of the game for a lot of people, and it doesn't get much more comfortable than the Sonia Set. This casual knit set is specifically designed to provide the perfect balance of style and comfort, with a cute look that keeps you cool and cozy while giving you that cute, well-dressed appearance. The Sonia Set is perfect for nighttime wear thanks to a combination of non-restrictive clothing that helps keep you cool.

Luca Set in White

You can't forget about base layers when it comes to choosing the right clothes, and the Luca Set in White is a great base layer choice. A cotton, polyester and spandex blend makes this set perfect for bedtime, but it's also a great set to wear when you're lounging around at night or don't want to put a whole outfit on. Whether you wear the Luca Set as a base layer or a bedtime outfit, it's sure to leave a lasting impression.
February 24, 2021 by Jake Janoski
Seven Most Comfy Sweatshirts for Women

Seven Most Comfy Sweatshirts for Women

There are few pieces in a wardrobe that are more comfortable than sweatshirts. They're loose enough to let you move freely and soft enough to keep you warm and cozy. The Nell and Rose selection of sweatshirts includes everything from tie-dye patterns to printed graphics to deliver that soft comfort. 


The Homebody Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt has the word "homebody" printed across the front to let you express your love of being at home. It's a middle shade of gray that will match any dark bottoms or jeans. It's made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester so that it won't shrink up. It has a classic fit that will fit virtually any type of figure. And it was made in the USA.


Be Kind Sweatshirt

This piece features the words "Be kind" along with a cute, stylized rainbow. The shirt expresses a universal message that encourages positivity in both yourself and others. It's 50% cotton and 50% polyester, so it holds its shape well and will hold up to being washed many times. It has a classic fit and looks great on a wide range of heights and builds. 


Cadence Sweatshirt

This piece has a unique ombre tie-dye pattern that is as soft as this shirt feels. It is 95% polyester and 5% spandex, so it holds its shape and has just the right amount of stretch. It has an oversized fit for even more cozy comfort. This could be paired with just about anything when you want to be warm and comfortable and look good at the same time.




Ellie Hooded Sweatshirt

When you want to be casual and comfortable, a neutral sweatshirt is the perfect pick. This pullover hoodie is made from a fabric blend that keeps it looking its best for a long time and stretching when you move; it's 75% polyester, 20% rayon and 5% elastic. It has a front seam detail that gives it character and a hood that is just the right size for cold and/or windy days. If you want a matching set, the jogger bottoms match perfectly and are also available. 


Marissa Sweatshirt in Navy

This one is like a warm hug. It's made to be super soft and ultra-comfortable. With its 80% cotton and 20% polyester, it has all the softness you could want as well as the right fabric mix for keeping its shape long term. The pattern is a cute tie-dye with plenty of pops of blue. It has a classic fit. This sweatshirt is perfect with jeans and leggings but will go just as well with virtually any dark or light pants. It's nice enough to run errands in and cozy enough to curl up in and stay home. 


C'est la Vie Sweatshirt

If you love French, or you simply want to remember to c'est la vie, this is the right sweatshirt for you. A blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, it keeps its shape while providing supreme softness. It has classic white lettering on the black sweatshirt. These neutral colors make it pair well with a wide variety of colors and patterns. It has the classic fit and can be worn at home, out in the world or to that casual Friday that you look forward to. Wear it to be comfortable, but also to bring a little bit of culture and joie de vivre to your day.



C'est la Vie


Crème De La Crème Sweatshirt

Let everyone know that you are the best of this best with this crème de la crème sweatshirt. No one will doubt it or forget it when you wear this statement sweatshirt. It keeps its shape with its 50% polyester and is extremely soft with its 50% cotton. It's a great fabric blend that delivers a well-made sweatshirt that has a classic fit. Pair it with jeans, leggings or dark pants for a complete look that goes together perfectly. With this sweatshirt, you'll always look great and feel comfy and cozy.
January 26, 2021 by Jake Janoski